Technology Notification – Blackboard Transact Upgrade (8/21/17)

Technology Notification –

Blackboard Transact will undergo scheduled maintenance starting at 9:00 AM on Monday, August 21st. The maintenance is scheduled to last all day. During the maintenance, the following will be impacted:

  • Registers in Student Life, Quiet Café, Sneden Café, Raider Grille, Art & Bevs, and the Library) will be offline.
  • Smaller RaiderCard readers (Heritage, FFH Courtesy window, FFH Concessions, ePrint, Campus Police, Subway, and Patatas) will be online, but not be able to accept RaiderCard.
  • Student parking ramp entrance/exit gates will be up because the readers will be offline. Employee parking ramp entrance/exit gates will still operate offline.
  • RaiderCard machines (cash-to-card machines) will be offline, so you won’t be able to check your balance or add funds.
  • Door access will operate in offline mode, so door access should function as normal.
  • RaiderCard fund transfers will be unavailable.
  • eAccounts acccess via the mobile app and/or the web will be unavailable.
  • Printing can only be done using a department account. Personal accounts will be unavailable.
  • RaiderCards can’t be printed.
  • RaiderCard door and parking access cannot be granted or revoked.

If you have any questions, please contact IT Customer Support at or 234-HELP.

Any future updates will be posted at:

Also available through:


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