Technology Notification – Blackboard Transact Upgrade (8/21/17)

August 17, 2017

Technology Notification –

Blackboard Transact will undergo scheduled maintenance starting at 9:00 AM on Monday, August 21st. The maintenance is scheduled to last all day. During the maintenance, the following will be impacted:

  • Registers in Student Life, Quiet Café, Sneden Café, Raider Grille, Art & Bevs, and the Library) will be offline.
  • Smaller RaiderCard readers (Heritage, FFH Courtesy window, FFH Concessions, ePrint, Campus Police, Subway, and Patatas) will be online, but not be able to accept RaiderCard.
  • Student parking ramp entrance/exit gates will be up because the readers will be offline. Employee parking ramp entrance/exit gates will still operate offline.
  • RaiderCard machines (cash-to-card machines) will be offline, so you won’t be able to check your balance or add funds.
  • Door access will operate in offline mode, so door access should function as normal.
  • RaiderCard fund transfers will be unavailable.
  • eAccounts acccess via the mobile app and/or the web will be unavailable.
  • Printing can only be done using a department account. Personal accounts will be unavailable.
  • RaiderCards can’t be printed.
  • RaiderCard door and parking access cannot be granted or revoked.

If you have any questions, please contact IT Customer Support at or 234-HELP.

Any future updates will be posted at:

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Technology Notification – Spam email – Fwd: University Project Scheduled (8/17/2017)

August 17, 2017

Technology Notification:
A spam email is being received across campus containing the following information:
Subject:Fwd: University Project Scheduled
From: “<username>”
This email was not from the GRCC IT Department. This is a spam and must be deleted from your inbox.

  • Information Technology will never ask for your password.
  • Do not open unexpected messages from an unknown sender.
  • Do not click links or download any attachments from any suspect messages.
  • Do not use your work email address for mailing lists.

Tips for identifying spam messages:

  • Check for grammar and spelling errors
  • Check the sender email address, if unknown do not trust it
  • Beware of urgent or threatening language
  • Do not trust the header or signature of the email
  • Message is requesting personal information
  • You’re asked to send money

If you see any suspect messages please immediately report them to the IT Support Desk at or by calling 234-4357(HELP).
Any future updates will be posted at:
Also available through:,, and

New Ticketing System

August 15, 2017

Information Technology has been notifying you since July of a new ticketing system that will be rolled out! We are now ready to go live tomorrow, Wednesday, August 16th!

What does this mean for you?

Better service and information tracking when you contact IT!

If you receive an email from, no need to worry! That is from the new ticketing system. Below you’ll find what an email regarding a new ticket looks like.

How to send in a ticket to IT

Customer Portal:

Log in at using your Campus Network credentials (same as you log into your computer). Please note that at this time, this system is not available off campus.


Send an email to, this will automatically create a ticket for you just as it always has.

Key Features

Customers will also be able to open and close their own tickets through the customer portal without having to contact IT! Likewise, you can check the latest status in the ticketing feed, keeping you informed minute by minute with what actions have taken place on your ticket.

Additionally, you can search for answers to your questions prior to submitting a ticket in our Knowledgebase. If an answer is not immediately available, keep checking back as we continue to add to it.

If you are interested in learning more about the new ticketing system and would like individualize training on how to submit requests, search articles, and check the status of your tickets, please contact the IT Customer Support Desk at 234-4357 or

We hope you thoroughly enjoy the new system!


New IT Ticketing System Coming!

August 4, 2017

Information Technology is inching ever closer to launching our new ticketing system!

Back in late July, Information Technology announced our transition to a new ticketing system. We’re pleased to announce that its nearly ready for release! We’re now in the process of migrating any and all open tickets to TeamDynamix. As such, you may begin to see some new ticket notifications appear in your email.

What does this mean for you?

Our analysts, engineers, technicians, and agents will be handling the migration of all your tickets. You won’t have to do a thing. It’s our pledge that the processing and resolving of your tickets will not be disrupted and Information Technology will be in contact with you should we need any additional information. You can continue to call and email us new tickets. We’ll take care of putting them in the new system.

What is TeamDynamix?

TeamDynamix is a service and project portfolio management platform specialized for higher education. Grand Rapids Community College’s Information Technology department will be using it as our ticketing system. This is how we track and record the work we do around campus. We’re super excited about this new platform and look forward to showing you more as we progress. Keep an eye out for a few videos from us that will show you how to leverage this new platform to get quicker and more accurate service from Information Technology!

If you’d like to know more about TeamDynamix, visit them at

When is TeamDynamix going live?

Beginning August 16, 2017 TeamDynamix will be our official ticketing system. To reiterate, you may already begin receiving email updates from the new system as your current tickets are being migrated over.

Information Technology

Grand Rapids Community College

616.234.4357 |

Resolved – Technology Notification – PeopleSoft Unavailable (08/01/17)

August 1, 2017

Technology Notification-

PeopleSoft CS, HR, and Online Center environments are now available.

[X] Issue Identified: 08/01/17 6:40 am
[X] Issue has been resolved: 08/01/17 7:40 am

Any future updates will be posted at:
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Technology Notification – PeopleSoft Unavailable (08/01/17)

August 1, 2017

Technology Notification-

PeopleSoft CS, HR, and Online Center environments are currently unavailable. Engineers are aware and are working towards a resolution.

[X] Issue Identified: 08/01/17 6:40 am

Any future updates will be posted at:

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