IT Maintenance Notification – Blackboard Transact Upgrade

October 3, 2016

Technology Notification

Information Technology will be performing an upgrade to Blackboard Transact, popularly known as the GRCC RaiderCard system, starting on Friday, October 7th at 4:00 PM. This upgrade will take approximately two hours to perform. Blackboard Transact will be unavailable during this time.

How does this affect you?

RaiderCard machines (cash-to-card machines), RaiderCard eAccounts, POS systems that utilize RaiderCard (e.g. point of sale in the Raider Grille), and the RaiderCard reader on the vending machines will be unavailable during the maintenance. The vending machines will still take cash or credit card. Door access will be available during the upgrade even though they will be in an offline mode. Parking ramp gates will be open for the duration of the upgrade.


Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Customer Support Desk at ithelp.

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