Technology Update – Blackboard Upgrade Issues (09/13/16)

Technology Update:

The Information Technology department is aware of multiple issues with the upgraded Blackboard environment which have required cases filed with Blackboard support.

We are currently testing possible resolutions to some reported issues in our test environment, however they are not yet ready to release. We will continue to keep our faculty and staff updated on the status of these issues as we move closer to a resolution with Blackboard.

Reported Known Issues:

1. Unable to Edit Forum Thread Due Dates or Time:

Whenever one selects the date or time buttons to adjust a thread, the page “jumps” to the top, and no options for date or time are available.

2. YouTube Sign in:

Within the content editor you can sign in and browse your YouTube media. During the session however, you will need to log in every time you create a new item.

3. Inline Grading issue:

The navigation buttons on the Grade screen (view attempt) are not working correctly. The Exit button performs no action when clicked. Submit brings up an error message. The user can no longer click on the Grade Center link in Course Management to return to the Full Grade Center.

4. Access Denied Error on Discussion Board:

There is a current issue in Blackboard where Discussion boards cannot be edited unless made available. Blackboard support has informed us that this is a known issue with the newest release of Blackboard Learn. They are currently developing a fix.
At this time, we do not have an ETA from Blackboard. As a workaround, your discussion boards will need to be made available in order to be modified.

5. Error when creating McGraw Hill assignment:

When there is no assignment created and deployed in McGraw-Hill Connect and the user tries to create a new assignment, the user receives a “red banner error”.

6. Grade book Last Access column null for some students

The Last Access Date is not updating for all Users. In the Grade Center and Performance Dashboard, it shows one date but it’s unclear Users have performed additional activities.

7. Unavailable Gradable Items are not visible in My Grades in ungraded

Unavailable items are not visible in My Grades without a grade assigned to them.

8. Cursor and Screen Jumps to the last question on Test

On a test that is presented with questions all at once, the cursor and screen jump to the last question, on the bottom of the screen, while the user is only partially complete with the test.

If you are experiencing any of these problems and need further assistance, please contact the IT Support Desk at or 234-HELP (4357)

Any future updates will be posted at:

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