Information Technology Notification: Spam Email (07/07/2016)

Information Technology Notification: Spam Email

Subject: GRCC Email Acount User Verrification
From: Jovito Leodones briquettecoal

Partial Body Message: “Dear Email User

Our webmail IP Security service discovered irregular Log-in attempts on your email account from IP location (XXX.X.X.XXX). and also been used to send out spam messages as against our policy. For security purpose we will be closing down this Account unless you click the link below to re-validate your mailbox for verification username and password.”

This email was not from the GRCC IT Department. This is a spam and must be deleted immediately from both your inbox and trash.

  • Information Technology will never ask for your password.
  • Do not open unexpected messages from an unknown sender.
  • Do not click links or download any attachments from any suspect messages.
  • Do not use your work email address for mailing lists.

Tips for identifying spam messages:

  • Check for grammar and spelling errors
  • Check the sender email address, if unknown do not trust it
  • Beware of urgent or threatening language
  • Do not trust the header or signature of the email
  • Message is requesting personal information
  • You’re asked to send money

If you see any suspect messages please immediately report them to the Information Technology Support Desk at ithelp or by calling 234-4357(HELP).

Any future updates will be posted at:

Also available through:,, and


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