IT Technology Notification – Apple QuickTime Removal (04/26/2016)

Technology Notification:

Due to recent security vulnerabilities announced and the removal of support from Apple, we will be removing QuickTime from staff and student workstations starting Monday, May 2nd. We will be delaying the removal of QuickTime from instructor stations from classrooms until the beginning of the Fall 2016 semester to avoid classroom disruptions. Computers with Adobe Premier and/or Adobe After Effects will continue to have QuickTime installed.

How does this affect you?

All major browsers currently support video playback without the need for any browser plug-ins. Please notify the Information Technology Support Desk with any student service/education resources that rely on QuickTime. These will be reviewed case by case as most of these services can be moved to another video player.


Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Information Technology Support Desk at 616-234-4357 ( tel:6162344357 ) or ithelp.


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