IT Technology Notification – Multimedia System Replacement (03/07/2016 – 03/13/2016)

Technology Notification-

Reminder – Information Technology will be replacing all end of life classroom computers with a new model consistent with the Computer Replacement procedure over this spring break (3/7-3/13). Computers eligible for replacement will be denoted by an Information Technology Notification sticker attached to the classroom’s media podium. Look for these stickers to appear in the coming days.

How does this affect you?
Information Technology asks that instructors continue to save all files and data to their personal J: drive or departmental S: drive directories. In the event that you have any data or files saved to the Desktop of a classroom computer, we ask that you move that file to its appropriate location as soon as possible. Information stored locally to the machines will not be retrievable once they have been replaced.

Information Technology also asks that instructors give themselves fifteen additional minutes before the start of their class once they return from Spring Break to get logged in. This will ensure that the computer has sufficient time to recognize and log you in for the first time, a process IT refers to as “building your profile.”

What about software?
Information Technology will identify the software approved for use in each of the affected classrooms. All approved software will be preinstalled on the new computer prior to replacement.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Information Technology Support Desk at 616-234-4357 or


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