IT Notification – Introducing Software Center (05/01/2015)

IT Notification-

The IT department would like to share with you our new self-service software support tool, Software Center. This tool gives you the ability to safely and easily manage software and tools on your GRCC computer when you need it. Software requiring additional costs, approval, or is assigned to specific customer(s) will be found in the Request Portal.

What is the Request Portal?

The Request Portal allows customers to request software with licensing costs or specific technical limitations that require us to review each install. You will find software such as Adobe Acrobat or Camtasia Studio in this location. This is also where you can access troubleshooting or repair tools that will allow you to perform some basic maintenance task on your GRCC computer without having to contact IT directly.

The Request Portal may be accessed via Use your campus network credentials to log in.

What if what I need isn’t in either location?

In this case you should email ITHelp with the software title, where you need it, the date you need it by, and any other information you may have. Please remember that the more information you provide us the faster we will be able to fulfill your request. Any software or tools not found in the Software Center or the Request Portal may not have completed testing, the software may need to go through our software request process, or the computer maybe having trouble communicating.

When will this be happening?

Officially, Self-Service via the Software Center will be completely moved over from the Application Explorer (Zen) on Monday the 1st of June 2015. However, the Software Center should already be available on GRCC Workstations. Software installation rights are limited to Office and Shared computers. Software requests for classroom and lab computers have not changed and should be directed through ITHelp.

Training Opportunities:

The Desktop Support team is holding scheduled training sessions on the following dates and times. These sessions will start with a short overview of the new tools followed by an open forum for questions and comments.


Tuesday May 5 2:30PM – 3:15PM
Thursday May 21 1:30PM – 2:30PM

Cook Academic Hall (CAH) 525

Wednesday May 6 2:30PM – 3:15PM
Tuesday May 12 10:30AM – 11:15AM
Wednesday May 20 1:30PM – 2:15PM

Additional instructions on how to using the Software Center and Request Portal are attached.

Please contact the IT Customer Support Desk at 234-HELP(4357) or ITHelp if you have any problems with the Request Portal or Software Center.

How To Use the Request Portal_1.pdf

How To Use the Software Center.pdf


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