IT Technology Issue ~Possible network outage

Technology Issue Notice: Due to the scheduled power outages in Main and Cook buildings, there may be network outages or interruptions in Main, Cook, College Park Plaza, Lyon Parking Ramp, Ford Fieldhouse, and the Student Center.


Generator testing for both Cook/Main starting around 1:00 pm Friday Aug. 8th.

The testing will require the building power to be completely shutdown and only systems that are connected to generator power will remain active. The testing will be repeated if necessary to assure all systems are functional as designed/mandated.

EPS will be also testing the alarm system throughout the day (intermittently), the plan is to use the new building notification system to announce planned disruptions. This may affect staff that are currently working in the buildings.

The water will be shut-off for the entire day in Cook Hall, no restrooms (Cook Hall only) will be available during the shutdown.


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