IT Technology Issue ~ Email from to offsite locations blocked (12/02/2013)

Technology Issue Notice:

Email sent from to several external email ISP’s will be returned as undeliverable. You will be unable to send email to these addresses until GRCC has been cleared from blacklisting. Internal GRCC email messages will still be delivered.

Blacklisting occurs when messages that originate from GRCC are identified as spam or unwanted mass mailings. You can assist in keeping this from happening by limiting mass mailings and by removing GroupWise rules that forward your email to outside accounts.

Estimated Time of Resolution: Unavailable. IT does not control the length of time it takes to remove GRCC from various spam blacklists.

[X] This issue is being investigated
Initial Discovery Date: 12/02/2013

Any intermittent updates will be posted at: ~Also available through and at


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