Update: IT Technology Issue ~ImageNow and WebNow unavailable. 4:03 pm

Technology Issue Update: ImageNow and WebNow services (such as Leave of Absence form) are now available.
A temporary fix has been put in place so that business functions may resume. The Enterprise Applications team will continue work on the final fixes.
An additional update will be sent once those fixes have been confirmed. ETA: Monday, February 25.

Technology Issue Notice: ImageNow and WebNow services are currently unavailable. Users may see errors if they are already logged into these services.

[X] This issue is being investigated

Initial Discovery Date/Time: 02/22/2013 11:00 am

Any intermittent updates will be posted at: http://www.grcc.edu/itsupport ~Also available through https://grccitstatus.wordpress.com/ and at http://twitter.com/grccithelp


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