IT Technology Issue ~Adobe Registration issues on campus Macs with PS CS6.

Technology Issue Notice: Serialization and registration for our Adobe products has or will stop working in the 407, 409, and 339 Mac labs. This specifically applies to Macs that have 13.0.2 and .3 Photoshop update for Creative Suite 6.

Software cannot be used without being prompted for registration which requires a valid adobeID. Once the adobeID is entered the software works temporarily. The same issue occurs again within a few days.

This is a known issue with this Adobe product.

[X] This issue is being investigated

Initial Discovery Date/Time: 01/24/2013

Estimated Time of Resolution: A patch from Adobe is being prepped for deployment. This patch should be deployed to these systems within four to six hours.
Temporary Workaround: Valid adobeID login must be re-entered.

Any intermittent updates will be posted at: ~Also available through and at


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