IT Technology Update: Windows 7 Upgrades (Rescheduled) – S Drive Migration Monday, April 30th

April 12, 2012

—The switch to eliminate the old S drive has been rescheduled to:┬áMonday, April 30th—

The IT Department is three quarters of the way complete in upgrading the campus computers to Windows 7.

With three quarters of our staff using Windows 7 and the new file storage environment, the next phase in this project will be to deactivate the old S: drive location. Those who have already made the jump to the Windows 7 will see no difference.
Those who have not been upgraded to Windows 7 will have a second login window to gain access to the new S: drive location.
The first login is your computer or network login, and the second login window, called “Map AD Drives”, will allow you access to the New S: drive location. Use your same network login at the Map AD Drives login.

On Monday, April 30th, the old S: drive location will no longer be available.
This will end the nightly need to synchronize the old S:drive location to the new S:Drive location, which has been causing file version issues between departments and teams working on different versions of Windows.
After your Windows XP system is upgraded to Windows 7, the need to login to the “Map AD Drives” will be eliminated and you will have access to the new S:drive location on your initial login.

For those still using Windows XP only:
If, on the day of the change, (Monday, April 30) you are not prompted to login twice, and you do not see the S:drive on your computer, please call IT Customer Support at 234-4357 for assistance.