Resolved: IT Technology Issue ~ DATANODE1 Out of Disk Space (01/16/2012 6:20 PM)

Technology Issue Notice:

[X] This issue has been resolved (01/16/2012 6:20 PM)

Disturbance Resolution Details:

Additional space has been acquired for the S drive. Please continue to clear out any files that are no longer in use.


Users logged into the Novell network have received a pop-up indicating that DATANODE1 is out of disk space. This message is to notify users that the S:\ drive is out of disk space.

Please remove any excess files that are no longer in use that are located within any folder on the S:\ drive.

Error Message:

NSS-2.70-5001: NSS Volume DATANODE1/SHARE out of disk space.

[X] This issue is being investigated
Initial Discovery Date/Time: 01/16/2012 4:00 PM

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