IT Technology Informational Followup ~GroupWise Changes. 11:20 am

Upgrading technology is often complicated and difficult. Sometimes resolving one crucial issue causes other unforeseen issues to occur. Such is the case with the issues you may be experiencing with GroupWise.

Over the break we turned off the auto archiving feature of GroupWise for all users. We did this to prevent your archives from being lost as we upgrade your workstations to Windows 7 over the next several months. Unfortunately, there were unforeseen issues that occurred as a result turning off auto archiving.

Below is a list of those issues along with how to resolve them.

Issue 1. The path to your archive is not listed.

Although your archived e-mails are still backed up to the folder you had indicated prior to auto archiving being turned off, the path to that location has most likely been removed from your settings. The first step to take to resolve this is to go to your J:\ drive and determine if a folder called Mail is there. If so, click the link below to view the instructions to reset your archive path.

However, if the mail folder is not in your J:\ drive, it’s possible that your folder is either in a different location on your J:\ drive or on your C:\ drive. Please call 234-HELP (4357) for assistance in locating your archive folder.

NOTE: If you know that your archive is on your C:\ drive, please call 234-HELP (4357) for assistance in moving it to your J:\ drive, so it is not erased when your workstation is scheduled for its upgrade.

Issue 2. Custom settings you had configured prior to the change may have been reset.

You may change your settings back to what you prefer by clicking the Tools menu and selecting Options. From there you will see the categories of options that you can change. Most of the mail handling options are located under the Environment category.

We sincerely apologize for any problems this has caused you. If the information provided above is not enough to assist you with resolving your issues, please contact us at 234-HELP (4357). We will do whatever we can to help you through this.

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