Update:IT – Technology Issue ~ Online Center Error (08/09/2011 9:55 AM)

Technology Issue Notice:

Some students are unable to access their Online Student Center account due to an error message upon logging into the account. Engineers are aware of the situation and are working to resolve the issue.

Error Message:

“Invalid grid specification page=GRC_GOAL_INTENT, grid=ADM_SS_APPL_PRG, occurrence=1. (2,644) SSS_STUDENT_CENTER.GBL.PostBuild PCPC:21167 Statement:257

A PeopleCode program contains a call to the GetGrid built-in function with invalid parameters. The specified page/grid/occurrence cannot be found.

Examine the PeopleCode and correct the invalid reference.”

[X] This issue is being investigated

Initial Discovery Date/Time: 08/09/2011 9:55 AM
[X] Work is in progress to find a solution for this issue

[X] A solution is currently being tested

Temporary Fix Applied:
The section of code causing the error has been removed. Students should no longer be experiencing this error. Engineers will be adding the survey back into the Online Student Center code, however it will be communicated before the change occurs.

Any intermittent updates will be posted at: https://grccitstatus.wordpress.com/ and at http://twitter.com/grccithelp


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