IT – Technology Issue ~RaiderCard System is Down. (8:40 am)

Technology Issue Notice: The RaiderCard system is currently offline.

Parking Gates
Vending Machines
RaiderCard Vendors (Cafeteria)

Everything is working offline at the moment.
We expect it back up within a few hours.

[X] This issue is being investigated
Initial Discovery Date/Time: MM/DD/YYYY H:MM am/pm
[X] Work is in progress to find a solution for this issue


2 Responses to IT – Technology Issue ~RaiderCard System is Down. (8:40 am)

  1. fbauman says:

    The RaiderCard services below are unavailable to students:
    Copy machines
    RaiderCard machines

    Services running on offline mode:
    Food Service
    Door Access

  2. fbauman says:

    UPDATE: The RaiderCard outage is due to a hardware failure. We are being rushed equipment to replace the faulty equipment.
    We anticipate full recovery within 6 hours.