GroupWise WebAccess update scheduled for 2/12/2010

On Friday, February 12th, the IT Department will be upgrading the WebAccess interface of the GroupWise email system (

A few of the key improvements you will experience:
Scrollable Item Lists: Your message list now contains all items in your Mailbox, rather than displaying only 20 items at a time.
Auto Save: GroupWise WebAccess automatically saves a copy of the item you are composing every 10-60 seconds. This is helpful if your Web browser crashes unexpectedly.
Spell Check: GroupWise WebAccess uses a new spell checker that highlights all the misspelled words in your subject or message fields. You can choose to automatically check each message you create before you send it.
Name Completion: When addressing a new mail message, the system automatically searches for a name when you begin to type. As you type, the remainder of the name fills in for you.
Graphical Calendar Interface: Calendars display in a way that allows you to choose a Day, Week, or Year view. You can also quickly add appointments, notes, and tasks in your Calendar and see a summary view of an item by mousing over that item.
Multiple Personal Calendars: You can now create one or more personal calendars, in addition to the main GroupWise Calendar.

Additionally, once this is completed, forwarding of email will once again properly include text and attachments.


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