IT – Technology Issue ~GroupWise error D101: Invalid Email addresses.

Technology Issue Notice: When sending email certain addresses may return the error:
User not on post office
Error = D101

This failure to deliver email is caused by an invalid address from the senders Frequent Contacts list in GroupWise.

When entering addresses in GroupWise, a “Select an Entry…” box will appear asking the sender to pick one of two versions of the address being sent to. The variation will be that the invalid address will contain “GRCC.Realm”. This address is invalid and the message will not be sent to this individual.

Clear the error by selecting the invalid address and clicking the Delete button on the “Select an Entry…” box. Confirm that you wish the address to be deleted. The box will not appear again for that address.

You can locate other invalid addresses by opening your GroupWise address book and deleting these invalid addresses from the Frequent Contacts list.


GroupWise users should disable saving internal contacts to their frequent contacts.

To do this: Open GroupWise Address Book, right click Frequent Contacts, select Properties, select Options Tab, uncheck both From and To internal sources, click OK.

Internal GroupWise users should not be saved in Frequent Contacts Address Book, however it is enabled by default.”


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