IT – Technology Issue ~Certificate Error on Web Pages. (2:33 pm 12/30/2009) – Update

Technology Issue Notice:

Several GRCC web sites are affected by an expired Security Certificate Error. This results in a cautionary message on the web-site that warns the visitor of a potentially untrusted web-site.

Estimated Time to Resolution: 24 hours

[X] This issue is being investigated – Initial Discovery Date/Time: 9:33 am 12/30/2009
[X] Workaround as been applied – Root cause being investigated

Temporary Workaround:

When you see the certificate error page, click “Continue to this website …”
Continue on – until you see the message – “Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate.”
– In IE – Click the yellow bar at the top to display blocked content.

[X] A solution has been found, and is currently being tested.

Update: At this time, we are waiting on the purchase of a new Security Certificate from our provider. Once we have the new certificate, we will apply it to all necessary systems.

Intermittent updates will be posted at:


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